About Us

Hi,welcome to Blakpot Digital Services Ltd. We specialized in advertising and marketing services for our clients ranging from small, medium and large business using digital power backbone.

Our mission is to help business grow and connect seamlessly with the global world all at affordable cost and quality.

The team comprises dedicated, zealous and digital savvy individuals all determined to create a difference.

The company is founded by Najimudeen Salaudeen who currently dubbed as the CEO- a computer loving Physicist, digital marketer and devoted entrepreneur cum teacher of self development.

Najimudeen Salaudeen,Founder & CEO

We welcome partners and creative talents to realize the huge mission ahead of us- Making a difference to your business! As we take off,it’s our desired to serve you best in advertising and marketing your company be it in estate development, education al Institutions,Technology and Agro based. 

Come let’s help you design a befitting website, graphics, logo,flyers,video graphics, projects feasibility and marketing research for your business.

Welcome on board..

Best wishes from me..

Najimudeen Salaudeen